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This is to inform, Siemens LLP has been working with Kaz Energy Suppliers (KES) for the Asia Gas Pipeline Project, where KES has supported Siemens with various supplies - Electric Components, Hardware, Tools, PPE, Piping Materials and Cables from European Union, United States, UAE, Kazakh Manufacturers and were produced according to the technical specification required. All the equipments and materials have been supplied on time within the agreed delivery period. Kaz Energy Suppliers has been helpful, resourceful and a professional partner for Siemens and we recommend Kaz Energy Suppliers LLC as a reliable supplier.


We herewith confirm that Kes Energy Suppliers LLC, Almaty, has supplied pipes, fittings, flanges, bolts/nuts, gaskets and other piping materials and lubricants for our various projects, among them are GTU-3 Nostrum Oil and Gas, Zhaikmunai, Modernisation of Atyrau Refinery, Compressor Station for Asia Gas Pipeline. KES has supplied the goods on high quality standard and performed the orders to our full satisfaction, includes a proper document. We therefore would like to continue working with KES for future projects.


This is to inform that ‘Tasbulat Oil Corporation’ LLP have been working with Kaz Energy Suppliers (KES) for the Turkmenoi – Tasbulat Pipeline Project where KES have supported ‘Tasbulat Oil Corporation’ LLP on the supply of 25,000 meters of fiberglass pipes, fiberglass fittings and accessories. The quality of the products was in accordance to the technical specification required and documentations were provided correctly. All the materials have been supplied on time, the performance was professional. We can recommend the company KES ‘Kaz Energy Suppliers’ LLC as a reliable partner.


We have been dealing with Kaz Energy Suppliers LLC on supply contracts related to road construction equipment. The materials have been produced and supplied in the agreed contractual delivery period. The quality of supplied material was of world class and we are satisfied with it, all the documentation and certifications were also provided correctly. The performance was professional, we can recommend ‘Kaz Energy Suppliers LLC’ as a good supplier. For this reason, we have chosen Kaz Energy Suppliers Project Management Company – INPROCON KES LLC for a further contract for tender services for the KURYK SHIPYARD PROJECT, which has been finalized due to our satisfaction.


Just wanted to take a moment and express our gratitude to KES for their professionalism and effective execution of supplying our goods that were needed in a time-sensitive matter. The communication through the whole process gave us a sense of comfort that we are in good hands and our needs and expectations are being looked after.

We look forward to continuing a long-lasting business relationship with a valued partner.


We have been dealing with KES for the Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery Upgrading Project, where KES has been awarded various supply packages by us.

The Valves and Piping Material were supplied from the well know European Union manufacturers that have produced everything according to the technical specification provided.

The equipment and materials have been supplied on time within the contractually agreed delivery period.

Kaz Energy Suppliers have been very helpful, resourceful and professional partner for us we recommend that as a reliable project partner.

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