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In addition, KES also supplies various other equipments like Pumps, Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Compressors, Generators etc. 

KSB is a global leader when it comes to supply of pumps, valves and related systems. These productions are used in a large variety of applications – including Building services, Industry and Water transport and right down to waste water treatment and power plant processes.


F.A.T.I. is the world leader in the design and manufacture of heaters and heat exchangers

for heating.
F.A.T.I. offers a full range of heaters in accordance with ATEX and IEC-Ex. 


MAN Energy Solutions converts energy into substainable progress and prosperity.

Beside gas engines, high speed  and two-stroke low speed engines, steam and gas turbines,  dual-fuel engines are developed that run on both gas and diesel fuel, which are based on their legendary diesel engines. Dual fuel engines allow you to switch smoothly and seamlessly from gaseous fuel to liquid fuel operation (and vice versa), giving you full fuel flexibility.


SAFE manufactures a wide range of compressors with high capacity for mother stations, booster versions for daughter stations, small compressors for private fleets and special units designed for Oil & Gas and Biogas applications.

SAFE compressors can be driven by either electrical motor or gas engine.

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