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KES supplies high quality pipes in carbon, alloy and stainless steel and high-alloy materials, available from production or stock, sourced from reputed manufacturers and stockists like  Mannesman Line Pipe, Arcelor Mittal, EEW, HI-Steel, Corinth Pipe Works, Noksel, Erciyas, TAL, CNPC-Group, SteelTrade and others.

Our suppliers are amongst the world leading steel pipe manufacturers for the Oil and Gas Industry with more than half a century of experience and technological superiority delivering to their customer's innovative solutions and high-performance products.

Development of new fields and reserves in harsh environments worldwide is needed in order to reach new energy resources. The transport to processing plants locally or worldwide and the use within such plants is a permanent challenge as well. This has increased the need for pipes capable of performing in severe and demanding conditions like sour gas, arctic temperatures, extremely high temperatures etc.


Typical applications are:


  • High H2S (Sour gas) pipelines and processing


  • CO2 re-injection pipelines

  • Offshore applications

  • Extremely low and very high operating temperatures

  • High-pressure for pipelines and processing plants

  • Other sensitive applications

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